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This downloads page contains example files for use with MacOS management. The items were designed for use with Jamf PRO MDM and can contain payload variables and parameters customised for use with JAMF PRO, please use at your own risk, D8 Services Ltd accepts no responsibility for any negative result occurring from their use. Further more, we are providing these free of charge, please at least leave some credit in the script to where your obtained these solutions.

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Configuration Profiles

A section that provides example profiles for Custom Payloads through your MDM or Jamf PRO server.

Please be aware that the examples given must be used with the correct domain name through your preferred MDM server. Each configuration profile contained here shows its "Domain Name", each preference on the MacOS has its own domain namewhich identified the product to be managed, providing the incorrect domain name will result in an un managed service. The domain name is similar to a web domain but backwards, for instance here are a few examples

App Name Domain Name
Google Chrome.app com.google.chrome
Safari.app com.apple.safari
Dock.app com.apple.dock
Cyberduck.app ch.sudo.cyberduck

As you can see there are a few differences in the domain names, you can look for the names inside your Users > Library > Preferences folder or in your Library > Preferences folder. You can also use these items to inspect the values that are already set and combine the settings to build your own custom payload for a Configuration Profile.



PDF's that include site design, Load Balancing and Distribution point examples.


Bash scripts developed for use within Jamf PRO, or potentially leveraged away from Jamf but delivered via package or launchd processes.


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