Screen Sharing privacy vs Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)

Within the Mac is a feature to enable Remote Management inside system preferences > Sharing. This has historically been done with Jamf using the enableARD.sh script. However enabling ARD will NOT challenge the user to allow an IT helpdesk or similar person to control their screen. Within a corporate environment AND based on the current security, privacy concerns the operator of a computer should have the right to know what a third party sees on their computer. To this end we have the following script that can be deployed that will instead enable "Screen Sharing" in a target macs' System Preferences.

To Use this script

  1. Modify lines 16 and 18 to your preferred values, obviously based on your site
  2. Or clear these lines to use Payload Parameters through a Jamf Script Payload
  3. Line 41 can be uncommented to allow the same access for your admin user AND Jamf Management user for SSH


File Download: 


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